The following “Field of Interest Funds” have been established by the Board to encourage discretionary donations to address community needs.

  • Arts & Culture Field of Interest Fund

  • Health & Welfare Field of Interest Fund 

  • Seniors & Heritage Field of Interest Fund 

  • Youth & Educaton Field of Interest Fund 

  • Children & Families Field of Interest Fund 

  • Environment & Recreation Field of Interest Fund 


Administration Fund

Established to support the expenses of the Foundation.

Brandon Gives Back Fund

Established by Lisa Tavender in memory of her son Brandon. Supports charitable projects and programs for Seniors & Heritage and Youth & Education.

Dennis Hendsbee Fund

Established in memory of Dennis Hendsbee. Supports organizations that work to assist mentally handicapped persons.

Gordon Francis Ellis Memorial Fund

Established by Mrs. Marion Ellis in memory of her son.  The intent of the fund is to support Charitable Organizations that provide and support programs and services that feed the hungry, that promote long-term food secruity, and that give support to street children and youth programs and projects in Kamloops and Area. 

Founders Fund

Started by the board with the intention of makng a fund available to people who whish to donate in memory of the founders.

Kirsten Fund

Established by Kirsten McDougall, this fund has been established to provide support to charitable projects and programs in the Environmental Education and Palliative Care fields.

Merlin Books Fund

Established by Merlin Books and its principals, David Low and Nathalie Jones.  The fund will support projects that foster the growth and development of visual and literary arts.

Murray Fund

A family fund established to help support the operational expenses of the Foundation. 

Peter G. Botta Memorial Fund

A legacy left to the Foundation by Mr. Botta. Supports charitable projects in Kamloops and area.

Railways & Ranchlands Fund

This fund, established by Audrey Ward, commemorates Kamloops Railways and Ranching background.  Supports general charitable work in Kamloops and area. 

Scarborough/Koslowski Recreation & Environment Fund

This fund was established in memory of Carolyn Scarborough to support recreation and the environment.

Telus Community Connections – Kamloops Fund

Established by the Telus Community Connections Committee, to support charitable projects and programs in Kamloops and area.

Youth Advisory Council Fund

The Youth Advisory Council is a youth committee of the Foundation. The fund, established by the Council, supports youth initiatives and projects.