1984:  The Foundation was created by a committee of citizens with a $2,500 loan from the City of Kamloops. The Kamloops Community Fund was established and early donors included the Weyerhaeuser Foundation and Dr. Stewart Burris. 

1985:  Value of the “Kamloops Community Fund” grows to $15,000. 

1986: The first grants were distributed ($100 each) to the Kamloops Child Development  Centre, the Kamloops Club for the Blind, the Kamloops Community Music School, and the Elizabeth Fry Society. 

1991: The Endowment reached $40,827 and the value of grant distribution was $2,650. 

1993: A large gift was received from the City of Kamloops ($131,000) and the Centennial  Legacy Funds A and B were established. 

1994: The first discretionary grant was made from the Railways and Ranchlands Fund (the first  donor established fund). 

1999: Collaboration with the Vancouver Foundation resulted in the formation of eight Community  Funds. 

2001: Total value of annual discretionary grants exceeds $20,000. 

2004: Endowment base reaches $1 million. 

2006: The Foundation takes lead in creating a joint fundraising campaign called “Creating  Tomorrow” which benefits the Kamloops Art Gallery, the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra and Western Canada Theatre. 

2008: Endowment base grows to $2.5 million. 

2009: Celebration of the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary. 

2013: Endowment reaches $4 million; The Honourable Judith Guichon , OBC – Lt. Governor of  BC becomes the Foundation’s Patron. 

2017: Endowment base reaches $8 million. 

2018: Endowment base reaches $9 million. 

2019: Endowment base reaches $10 million.