Alan Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Established in 2004 to assist School District 73 graduates in their secondary education.  Awarded to students participating in the McQueen Lake Student Leadership Program.  Applications are submitted to School District 73 Scholarship/Bursary Committee. 

This Fund was established by former Principal of NorKam Secondary School, Hoberly Hove, in memory of Alan Newman.  Alan Newman was a student at NorKam who exhibited outstanding qualities of entrpreneurship and leadership.  He managed Norkies store at NorKam and helped in the Business Education department.  Alan was very dedicated to the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Centre and served as a Student Leader.  He was always available as a volunteer beyond the requirements of the Student Leadership Program.  Alan was also actively involved with the Salmonid Program.  

BCICF does not accept applications for this award; please seek further information through School District 73 Scholarship/Bursary Committee.