Western Canada Theatre Company Endowment Fund

Established through the efforts and financial support of present and past trustees of the Western Canada Theatre Company.  This fund will ensure long-term stability and continued growth of theatre in Kamloops and...

Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts Fund

Established in memory of Barbara Pacey, Lucille Nelson, Doreen Haughton and future benefactors to support the operations of the local Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts.

Performing Arts BC Festival Fund

Established by the Performing Arts BC Festival Society to support the operations and continued growth of the Performing Arts movement in British Columbia.

Kamloops Symphony Fund

Established in 2006, this fund directly supports the programs of the Kamloops Symphony Society, including seasonal live and digital professional orchestra concerts, community & district school outreach & education as well as the ongoing operation of the...

Kamloops Music Collective Legacy Fund

Originally established to support Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music, the fund has grown with the growth of the Kamloops Music Collective and its various programs.  This fund is available annually to the Kamloops Music Collective for program support. A...