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Giving Guide

Connecting hearts and causes in our communities.


It’s simple: We help you do good in the communities you love.

Here’s how it works:

1) DEFINE your passion.

What causes do you care about most? Do you wish to address an urgent need in the community, honor the memory of a loved one or support a charity or project?

2) CREATE a fund.

We will work with you to create a fund that is tailored to your interests and that will accomplish your goals. Our options are flexible: Your fund can broadly benefit the community or focus on specific issues, organizations or students.

3) DECIDE what and when to give.

You can use a wide range of assets to establish a charitable fund or give to an existing fund at BC Interior Community Foundation. Based on your interests and needs, we can help you make a plan to build your fund through gifts now or in the future through your estate plan. You may choose gifts that provide income to others while also benefiting the community.

4) LET US take care of the details.

We keep it simple so you can focus on what makes your heart sing—your contribution to making people’s lives better. We can start establishing your new fund in as little as one day, and can coordinate gift planning with your financial and legal advisors.

5) TRACK your fund.

You can trust us to be fiscally responsible, knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that all funds are invested responsibly. You will receive periodic updates about your fund so you can always be aware of its progress.

6) REFINE your strategy.

If your family or financial situation changes or if your interests shift, we can help you adjust your giving strategy.

Likewise, if the charity organization that your fund supports goes out of business or changes its mission, we’ll make any necessary changes to ensure that future grants from your fund follow your original intent.


Your gifts are turned into grants to qualified donees, charitable organizations or to bursaries and scholarships for local students.


Did you know that you can support an existing fund at our Foundation? Your donation can be directed to a specific community, field of interest or charitable organization. 

Field of Interest Funds:

We have six categories of funds that support specific fields of interest in our region. The annual earnings from the funds are given back to our communities through the BCICF Community Project Granting program.

Organization Funds:

Endowed funds are set-up (primarily by the charity by also by community supporters) to help charities boost their revenue without adding an administrative burden.

Regional Funds:

Our regional funds help all of our communities support their own local charities and causes.

Whichever fund you chose to support – 100% of your gift will be invested forever and each year the earnings (accrued interest) will be distributed.


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BC Interior Disaster Relief Fund

In the aftermath of the unprecedented heat, fires and flooding in our region, BC Interior Community Foundation established this fund is to support communities affected by natural disasters. Donations to this fund will be utilized to ...


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