Community Project Grants


Community Project Grants are awarded by the BC Interior Community Foundation twice a year.  Deadlines for grant applications are April 1st and October 1st.  Please ensure that your project falls approximately 4-6 weeks following the granting deadline as the review process is by committee and does take time.  We will notify all grant applicants, both successful and unsucessful via email following the granting committee’s decision.  Grants are only able to be disbursed to non-profit organizations which hold charitable registration with Revenue Canada or projects/programs which are sponsored by an organization with charitable registration.

Should you have any questions regarding the grant application, process or eligibility, please contact the office by phone during our open hours.  


  • a clearly-defined and researched need;
  • evidence of support from other organizations and funders;
  • efficient and co-ordinate use of community resources, both human and financial;
  • involvement of the program beneficiaries in the planning;
  • significant volunteer participation;
  • active planning for continuation of the project beyond initial funding;
  • a clearly-defined and adequate method of evaluation to measure the outcomes.


  • We support community-based projects/programs in the areas of Arts & Culture, Health & Welfare, Sports & Recreation, and other charitable activities.
  • Grant funding may be available fo eligible registered charities or organizations with a registered charity sponsor within the region of the Thompson, Nicola, and South Cariboo and within the communities of Lillooet, Lytton, Clinton, 70 Mile House, Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Kamloops, Clearwater, Barriere, Chase, Logan Lake and Merritt.  Please see the geographical grant area map for a general idea if your organization is covered by our region.


The amount requested should be proportionate to your organization’s capacity as demonstrated by your project budget.  Realistic budgets must be presented. Please note that grant amounts will not exceed one-third of the projects total cost.  

Projects which already have additional partner funding or other funding streams are preferred, as this shows community engagement with the project.  Please note the current budget for Community Project Grants allows for each grant to be allocated up to a maximum of $1500; some exceptions may be made depending on the available funds during a granting cycle; please do not apply for an amount exceeding $2500, as it is unlikely your application will be approved.





Grants will not be awarded for operational requirements, or to rescue an organization from a financial deficit situation; or to religious organizations, unless the community-at-large will benefit significantly; or to individuals; or to promote political, religious, moral or ethical philosophies; or for purposes which may be deemed discriminatory.

If the event or project occurs prior to the application deadline date, the application will not be reviewed.  Preference will be given to new project/programs.  Groups may receive only one grant per calendar year.  Individuals are not eligible for funding.  Incomplete applications will not be evaluated and become the property of the BCICF.

Please note that applications must be received in advance of the event: projects are not supported retroactively. Granting decisions are made by the granting committee, and it can take 4-6 weeks for the committee to reach a decision, please plan accordingly for your financial needs as grants can take up to 8-10 weeks from the application date to be awarded and processed for payment. 

If you are applying for project funding for an event that falls near our granting deadline, it is better to apply to the earlier granting date.  (ie; if you are holding an event on November 1, it is better to apply for the April 1 deadline than the Oct 1 deadline.)  Please note that the deadlines are firm and we do not accept applications after these deadlines.  


Applicants should complete the online application. Please note that you will be asked to upload the following documents/information to support your application:

  • 2 reference letters (copy-pasted or uploaded)
  • your project expenditures form (download the fillable PDF form here)
  • your registered charity number or your sponsoring charity’s number
  • if you are not a registered charitable organization, you need to include a written agreement establishing a partnership with a registered charity that will sponsor the proposed project. (visit CRA website for more details)


Applications can be completed online.  Please note, you must complete the full application as the form will not save incomplete applications.

Please note: Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.