Damian Jensen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by Kamloops Senior Secondary Grad Class of 1997 and the Jensen family to support students demonstrating a passion for an individual activity and also an ability to be involved as a team player.

Damian had a passion for climbing. It was through his positive personality, his personal confidence, and his commitment to climbing that he was able to meet the challenge of his studies and dedicate the time and energy needed to develop in his chosen sport. Although Damian’s focus was on his climbing, he showed every ability to keep his social life with his friends and his time with his family balanced.

Climbing, like many passions, is not an activity was offered through the athletic or extra-curricular programs of the school district. This, at times, presented more of a challenge for Damian, as he needed to negotiate on classes and schedules in order to pursue his climbing. Damian encountered good support for his personalized education plan from a number of his teachers, but did at times find that he was met with the challenge of satisfying those who did not have the same view of climbing being a priority. Damian actively engaged in Peer Counseling and thoroughly enjoyed playing soccer.