Boogie the Bridge, Kamloops’ largest celebration of movement, reaffirms its enduring impact on the community as the committee’s endowment soars to a cool 100K.

 The spotlight at Thursday night’s Boogie the Bridge Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was on the presentation of a $5,000 cheque to the Boogie the Bridge Culture Fund held at the B.C. Interior Community Foundation.

Established by Jo Berry, Boogie the Bridge goes beyond being a fitness event; it has become a symbol of philanthropy. Berry conveyed, “ I’m incredibly grateful. In addition to our annual giving program, we established an endowed fund shortly after Boogie began. Each year, we gave a small amount to the fund. I never envisioned that in just 25 years, we would donate well over $1 million directly to charity and also have a $100,000 endowed fund that will perpetually give back to our community.”

Boogie the Bridge’s dedication extends beyond fitness to actively supporting youth and child arts and culture programs. In 2005, when the Boogie committee established the fund, they were concerned that more and more families were finding it increasingly difficult to afford the ‘extra’ for cultural activities. The endowed fund, held at the B.C. Interior Community Foundation, plays a pivotal role in translating this commitment into action.

Principally established to support, develop, and nurture creative growth for youth, the fund offers financial assistance to cover the cost of programs, events, or workshops. This initiative aims to eliminate financial barriers for children aged 18 and younger, enabling their participation in cultural programs in Kamloops. Funds are awarded based on needs and merit, with annual awards reaching up to $500 per child.

The fund began to distribute earnings in 2007, and since then over $72,000 has been awarded to support 243 children and youth in cultural programs and workshops! This emphasises the committees commitment of ensuring that everyone in the community can benefit from artistic expression and cultural engagement.

“Who would have thought our little Boogie could dance its way into so many hearts! I’m over the moon. I just have to send out a big thank you to everyone who joined our dance party of giving over the past 25 years and here’s to many more years of Boogieing, fundraising, and continuing to groove in our community!”

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